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This is a WORD from a friend!I felt the Spirit of God ALL OVER ME reading this! WOOOOOOOOO!EVEN NOW!!!
Rise up CaTonya! Receive that which I am doing in these days for I AM
coming to YOU as the Spirit of revelation. I will BIRTH the wisdom of the
kingdom within; the knowledge of the most high that will lead YOU and guide YOU
and will take YOU to heavenly places that YOU have YET to enter into.  So come
with faith and let YOUR hope be transformed; and let it become a true reality of
that which I AM doing within YOU. I WILL transport YOU into heavenly places and
cause YOUR vision to be CLEAR.  I WILL create a FLOW within YOU of the power of
My Spirit that will manifest My kingdom.  In the manifest presence of My kingdom 
YOU WILL find that people are healed, delivered, and set free.  YOU WILL find a
chosen generation who are READY to rise up through the power of My deliverance
into the destiny that I have written for THEM.  YOU ARE a QUEEN,PRIEST, ETC. of the
Most High, so allow this flow of My spirit to carry YOU and bring YOU forth into
the valley of VISION where YOU have been given EYES to SEE and UNDERSTAND the
times and seasons in which YOU find yourself.  For it will be with perfect
understanding that YOU WILL walk in My ways.  YOU WILL fulfill My desires, and 
YOU WILL bring the glory of the kingdom to this earth in these days, says the
Lord of Hosts.IN JESUS NAME!!! AMEN!!!
Thank you so much ‘B’ for this WORD from GOD because IT IS just THAT!