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This morning before awaking fully and getting out of bed, God spoke “Greater Sacrifice”. The Lord also spoke something about church this morning but I didn’t grasp it fully. I prayed concerning this. Though I didn’t hear my answer in words this time, I received it through discernment.  I strongly felt not to attend church this morning. Yes, without reason or explanation.

Soon after, the enemy brought to mind the need for the funds. Then the question, would God really be saying don’t go to church (doubt, disbelief). I quickly discerned the enemy at work. It’s the enemy’s nature to tell us to do the opposite of what the Lord has told us to do. The enemy does this by causing us to pay more attention to our need or desire than our obedience to God and wanting people to be more concerned with how it might look to others or who may disagree.

I spoke with my husband about what I felt the Lord speaking and his reply was, “If you felt the Lord saying we shouldn’t go then we shouldn’t, whether we know the reason why or not. It will be a ‘sacrifice’.” At that moment when he spoke the word ‘sacrifice,’ I felt what God wanted us to do was confirmed. For the Lord bought back to my attention that He had spoken first even before I was awake fully, ‘GREATER SACRIFICE’.

For better understanding and a deeper depth of our situation, I will add that my husband is a minister of music/ musician & singer by profession. So when he doesn’t take opportunities to play or sing on a Sunday or any other day of the week, it’s like business people who miss a couple of days of work out of a week. This is a GREAT sacrifice!

The sacrifice we CAN afford but DISOBEDIENCE, we CANNOT afford. It’s way too costly.

So all dressed up and ready for worship service AT HOME. We dare not sit at home and do NOTHING! Then our time would be a WASTE. We would rather be caught utilizing our time productively.

We don’t have Saturday or Sunday religion. We have a relationship with God. Therefore, it’s not hard for us to worship & praise God and have bible study at home. For this is what we do everyday anyway. This is our lifestyle. We know God is wherever we are because we are temples of God; therefore, God is within us. When we lift Him up WHEREVER we are, He will draw us to Himself (John 12:32). Hence, He draws us into His presence and because we wholeheartedly worship Him, He gives each one of us according to our need, individually and corporately. O Hallelujah, Praise God!!!

There’s FREEDOM in obedience!!!

We must have strength & faith enough to obey God whether it goes against what we think is correct or how others may see or their opinion of it. We must obey God even when it’s costly for us. Remember, the sacrifice we CAN afford but disobedience, we CANNOT afford. Disobedience is far too costly. For God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.