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The beginning of this is quite difficult to explain but I will do my best. In a very real night vision, I saw many people on the outside on a very green pasture. The sun was shining brightly in the skies. People were hither & thither, all about, doing different things, being merry. Then there was a sound & a call and everyone began to move forward and come together to go into this certain place. Most of the people were no longer happy but downcast in their hearts and shown evident on their faces. One or two were yet happy and I didn’t understand why.

As we all gathered in this place, the inside was completely white. There were two, divided doorway entries/ halls but no doors were there. The waiting line was very long but no one was impatient. Everyone stood very quietly. There stood a man to tell each person which door entry to take. Many went through the left entry but very few through the right.

Some began to tell me that they had a chance to make the right choice, to choose the right things but they chose the wrong choice. Then it was too late to change it before they ended up there. My heart was heavy, for I knew this was the heart & testimony of many here. These people, like me had died on earth. They, rather WE had died! We were no longer in the land of the living!

When the last person before me had been sent down the hall, there I stood in the place others stood. In front of whom I will call the ‘DIRECTOR’.

Our eyes locked, as I sorrowfully uttered these words, “What do you want me to do”? He looked at me, smiled & said, “I want you to turn around and go back the way you came in”.

Those words meant: Go back to earth. Go back to the land of the living. Your time is not yet.

I smiled & hugged him with all I had within me. He hugged me back, picking me up off the floor.

We hugged long & smiled long as we were wrapped in each other’s arms.

The only words I could express were hearty THANK YOU’s over and over and over but He never said a word.

My eyes popped open with the words, “THANK YOU” still on my lips and gratitude yet in my heart, accompanied by a slight head ache but yet a smile on my face.

There is no doubt in my mind that if I had not been told the words, “I want you to turn around and go back the way you came.” My eyes would never have popped open. I would not have left my bed. I would not have been able to tell my husband of this. Nor would I be writing this to tell all of you. For I would be DEAD!



I was speaking to a pastor friend this morning as I was writing this. I felt I should post the conversation with this post to further help someone. This was the conversation: (Listing only their initials for their privacy. Their speech/wording is not incorrect. Their from Africa)

Catonya F.: Our very lives are in the power of the hands of a very loving & merciful God. He can say at anytime that it is the end of our earthy lives.

Pastor A: oh yes indeed!

Catonya Faison: We can take NO life for granted, especially our own lives. Life is too precious! We can sit alive right now, TODAY and dead TONIGHT!

Pastor A: perfect so that is why man needs Christ in his / her life

Catonya Faison: YES, This is why WE need Christ in OUR lives NOW!

Pastor A: yes indeed

Catonya Faison: My prayer is that we not only see this as a need for others but for ourselves as well, for if we do, we can hold PASSION for others who need to receive Christ. For it would come from our hearts and not ONLY from our mouths.

Pastor A: Amen