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Sexual intercourse was not meant to be nasty, shameful or perverted when God established it between Male & Female (Gen.1:27, Colo 3:9; James 3:8, 9). Sexual intercourse was established to fulfill God’s Commandment for Male & female to be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth (to produce children). (Gen.1:28)

Sexual intercourse is meant for husband and wife. It is therefore meant for marriage. In the bible when a man wanted to be intimate with a woman, it was said for him to take her as a wife.

Sexual intercourse was an outward show of the deep love a husband & wife felt first inside their hearts towards each other. Sexual intercourse then is the effect of combustion of love.

A deep love induces marriage. Deep love should be the essence of sexual relations.

However, one shouldn’t engage in sexual intercourse just ‘feeling’ like one love another. Neither should one be induced into sexual intercourse under the pretense or the verbal agreement of marriage.

We MUST know what ‘deep love’ is, so we are aware of what it IS NOT. Deep love IS intentional (purposed), sacrificial (willing to give when getting little to nothing), devotional (committed & loyal). Deep love is deep rooted (beyond surface qualities). Love endures (willing to stay and stick it out no matter what). Deep love doesn’t decrease with time or events. Deep loves only deepens over time. Deep love causes one to desire to form their life around someone else’s. Deep love only wants the very best for the other.

When it’s not ‘LOVE’ it is ‘LUST’! Don’t mix the two because they’re very different in essence. Lust doesn’t want to get entangled with deep love. In fact, lust runs from the sight of things getting ‘too serious’. Lust makes promises it doesn’t fulfill. Lust is selfish. Lust is out for what it can get not what it can give. Lust is perverted & ungodly.  Lust has conditional love. Lust causes ungodly imaginations. Lust births sin. Lust thinks only of the fun of it. Sexual arousal IS NOT recreation!

“If you are not ready for deep, serious love, then you’re not ready for marriage  and if you’re not ready for marriage then you shouldn’t be having sexual intercourse”. On the flip side of that, “If you are ready for or already in deep love then you should marry BEFORE sexual intercourse” and NO it’s not too late to stop and do things the right way, the godly way.