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Dorcas aka Tabitha was a disciple (follower) of Jesus Christ, a Christian, not

because she did good works and charitable deeds, but rather, she did good works and charitable deeds BECAUSE she was a Christian.

Dorcas was a woman well-known for her caring personality and her charitable deeds for the widows in her community. She was deeply loved by those she loved & cared for, those she gave of her gift (clothes making) & time unselfishly.

Dorcas in herself was a gift. She gave of herself and was received.

When Dorcas became ill and died, it overwhelmed the hearts of those she loved and cared for, so much so that they weren’t willing to just let her go, to rest in peace. They felt within themselves they didn’t want to go on without her in their life, a woman who proved to be a treasure to them so they sent the saints to get the disciple Peter and implored him not to tarry. Obviously they knew just who to reach. They sought out one of God’s best and were confident he would perform a miracle. In other words, they believed in, had faith in the God in Peter.

When Peter entering the upper room where they had laid their beloved Dorcas  body, the widows were in deep sorrow & mourned uncontrollably. They wanted Peter to know just what kind of woman this was. They wanted him to know that this wasn’t just anybody. She was a Christian and because she was she did all these wonderful things for them so they began to show Peter the tunics & garments Dorcas had made special for them. After putting the women out, there Peter prayed and Dorcas became alive again.This could imply that the widows themselves may not have been Christians since in the scriptures said after Dorcas was raised; Peter called for the saints & the widows.This says that Dorcas didn’t discriminate. It didn’t matter what religion, color or creed they were. The Word of God said to help the widows & orphans. He didn’t say they had to be saints (Christians), just as the story of the Good Samaritan.

Dorcas was BLESSED with LIFE because she gave through her service for others!

Message: Let us use our gifts & talents to bless others. Let us be known for the wholehearted love we give, the faith we show and the good deeds we do for ALL God’s children, the saved & unsaved alike.