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When I look in a mirror I see an external me

Me on the outside

When God sees me, He sees an internal me

Me on the inside

The hidden person of the heart

The other night as I lay awake in my bed a thought was implanted in my mind, “I want to be beautiful”. I pondered on those words for a while. I knew the way in which those words came, my attention was essential.

Some woman adorn themselves merely in cosmetics, jewelry, pricey clothes, acrylic nails & hair arrangements for outer attractiveness but what process of beautification’s are we undergoing for that which matters most.Those things that are precious in the sight of God, like the things we think, that which we allow through our eyes & ear gates, the things we speak, the way in which we carry ourselves and the treatment of others.

The Word of the Lord to me: Beloved, I have spoken to you about discovering hidden riches in secret places, but don’t think of these things as necessarily being external. I am revealing the treasures in you that have yet to be expressed fully. I am bringing you to a level of spiritual maturity that you would not have believed, where your outward expression will reflect your inner depth and beauty, says the Lord. Let your light shine!


I define myself & find my beauty in the light God gives

I’m refined by His divine intentions every day I live

It doesn’t matter what the world believes

Or what they say that beauty means

It comes from within

I desire to be beautiful

I know how to shine; my life’s not really mine.

It’s not about a worldly climb

It’s all about God’s design

So in God, I want to shine

I want to live to have His peace

And feel the holiness I seek.

(Poem tailored for me but credited to Rachel & a little of me🙂. Thanks luv

God has made everything BEAUTIFUL in His time!