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This morning our 9yr.old daughter Amaziah & 12 yr. old daughter Zaikerra asked if they could go to the bus stop a little earlier. I asked them why. Zaikerra replied, “Because we don’t be having a seat”. I felt it was more to it, so I asked, “Is there another reason?” Zaikerra replied, “The kids on the bus don’t like us, and don’t want us sitting with them”. I asked if they knew why the children didn’t like them. Zaikerra replied,” Because they call me a snitch.” I asked her why they called her that. Zaikerra replied, “Because if we see someone do something to someone else that isn’t right we speak up and sometimes tell the bus driver or a teacher. I replied, “I see.” Amaziah then responded, “Alot of the girls are jealous! They said stuff about our hair and how we look. Asking who is doing our hair and why we be getting our hair done so much.” I replied, “Don’t worry or concern yourselves with what people say. Sometimes people talk about others for no good reason at all. Just pray for them. We asked you both at the beginning of the school year if you wanted us to take you to school but you both wanted to ride the bus.” Amaziah replied, “We still want to ride the bus momma. What they say doesn’t bother me. We just need to go earlier so we have a seat.” I smiled and said, “Ok then!”

I then went to my bedroom to take care a few things. I began singing and Zaikerra who had just came in the room started singing with me. While singing I felt to pray for the girls separately. My husband & I had just prayed with all the children as we regularly do before my husband leaves to take our older two sons to school. Zaikerra and I walked back to the living room and I said, “Girls, lets pray. I want to pray for what we just discussed.” I prayed aloud while they prayed in the Holy Spirit (In tongues).

It had come time for them to leave to go to the bus stop. The girls hugged & kissed me and wished me a blessed day. As I watched them walk down the sidewalk, my heart was filled with compassion for them. I prayed for them once more in the Holy Spirit (Jude 20) until I felt a release.

Our children tell us to have a blessed day, God be with you, etc. because we have taught them the importance and the need of praying & blessing their parents.

Sometimes we as parents just want to take our children out of situation but sometimes we just need to let them work it out. If they’re sassy like our Amaziah, they rather work it out for themselves. 🙂

We MUST teach and continue to instill the importance and the NEED for prayer in our children and we as parents MUST bless our children and keep them covered in compassionate prayer wherever they are or wherever they go!