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This afternoon our 13 yr. old son Zhai’kale came home from school. He came to our room door. I was looking up a scripture in my bible. I notice him and looked up at

him. He said, “Hey mom”. I replied “Hey son” then went back to looking at my scripture. As Zhai’kale was walking off, I heard him say in a very soft, disappointing voice, “You usually smile at me when you say hey”. He was almost to the living room when I put my bible beside me and called him back to my room. I didn’t tell him that I heard what he said because I felt the Lord was giving me a FYI, so I never mentioned it.

I just looked in his eyes, smiled and said, “Hello son how was your day? ” He smiled and said, “It was good.” I replied, while still smiling, “Very well son, very well.” Then he exited our room door.

I paused for a moment in thought of what had just happen and the words that were spoken. I said to myself, “I wouldn’t have ever known he noticed. I never would’ve thought it mattered.”

I thank you Lord for allowing my ears to hear my son’s heart! Now I know something else that my son expects of me, something that seemed so small & insignificant.

Just remember, IT MATTERS!