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This morning my husband and I were in our bedroom going over a song God gave me in a dream early this morning that I decided to write out, a song in which my husband and I will sing and put on a CD for my mom’s birthday. Our 3 yr. old son Divine Zion

was standing by our bed playing & talking to his 5 month old baby brother Jaydon Joel when Divine spotted my can soda on my night stand. Divine trying to be inconspicuous, moves over to my nightstand where I had my soda with a cup. I pretend not to notice him. Divine picks up my soda and says to his father who had his back toward him, “Close your eyes daddy, and don’t open them” as he pours my soda into a cup while watching his father smiling all the time. Our smiles quickly turned into laughs as we both turned and looked at Divine.

What a morning’s blessing. The smiles & humor of a child that causes a smile upon your face and laughter that warms your heart. It’s the right stuff on a rainy, cool morning such as this. 🙂
May God fill your day with smiles upon your face & the warmth of laughter in your hearts. Blessings & Love to you all