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For many months before and after our newborn son Jaydon Joel  was born , I’ve been experiencing very high blood pressure, constant headaches, severe chest pains, etc. Tonight  as my husband & children laid hands on me and prayed for healing & strength for my body,  God gave me revelation on the purpose and His plan, NOW, I understand it ALL! This revelation is true even concerning the physical body of Christ, our human bodies (the temples of God).

The Revelation:

The enemy has declared war on the body of Christ. Satan knows  his time is short. His intentions are to fill the body of Christ with fear, to cause the body of Christ to weaken, to cause the body of Christ to focus on themselves knowing God has a greater purpose & plan meant for all. Satan intends to implant fear to paralyze and  cause the body of Christ to be ineffective when God has already purposed & planned wholeness & completeness for the body of Christ.

God gave a prophecy  to me & my husband through the name He chose for our unborn son Jaydon Joel who in the Word of God (Nehemiah 3:7) assisted in the rebuilding of the walls & gates of Jerusalem. God began the rebuilding when He spoke his name. Now that our son has been born (Nov.12,2011), the prophecy is being fulfilled even the more in our lives.

Our 3 week old son Jaydon Joel 🙂



Just as in the times of old, God will rebuild our walls that have been broken down and gates that have been destroyed, making alive the things that laid waste.

God Himself purposed for the body of Christ to be beaten, bruised & killed but also planned for Christ to rise AGAIN. God purposed for the temple of God to be torn apart but also planned for it to be rebuilt AGAIN.

AND STILL WE RISE! This is my freedom & my strength! O PRAISE GOD!