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We are only pilgrims here

Journeying  through this land

This world  is not our home

We don’t belong here

Home is where our heart SHOULD be

Our heart SHOULD be steadfast in HEAVENLY places

Bounded to heavenly things

Heaven is our HOME

Heaven is where we belong

On this earth

We are roaming,

wandering on this land

our time here should be uncomfortable

Not  storing for ourselves treasures here


Those things, almost anything

you feel you cannot or refuse to

part with for the sake of someone else.

God give us gifts, abilities and talents. Yes, we take care of them, we utilize them to the best of our potential, we treasure them because they come from God but God desires, requires us to use them for the uplifting of His kingdom where  His treasures and His investment is , which also come from Him and they’re ‘PEOPLE’.

Many times that which we consider a lost is actually gain or profitable in another way to us or even someone else.

Sort of like losing or giving away treasures (things we hold valuable) to gain treasures (heavenly blessings)that will be treasured by yet another treasure (people).