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While sitting down enjoying a family meal & cartoon movie, our 2 yr. old son Divine Zion  feels to stop watching the movie to run through the house shouting repeatedly, “Hallelujah, Hallelujah” in his high pitch voice that has so often made our ears ring! 🙂

My husband & me began repeating, “HALLELUJAH” after him. We didn’t stop until he stopped. Afterwards, I went to pick up my piece of corn on the cob to finish it but couldn’t! I was captivated by the presence of God so my piece of corn on the cob went back on my plate. I had to just take a  PRAISE BREAK, me & my husband both!

Hours earlier my husband told me he was going to fast just to give THANKS to God for all He had done.

I agreed to join him. I thought on my husband words after this happened with Divine. God gave us a chance to do just that with His added presence of approval!


Father you deserve the HIGHEST praise! There are NO words or deeds to show my true gratitude but while I’m here praying, Lord, search my heart and know it! Know it from the place where my heart can’t express it!”

For ALL you’ve done, Lord, THANK YOU!