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The things I could say

I don’t

The things I want to say

I don’t

The things  I need to say

I do

But not at the time it arrives in my heart

I have been taught to know when to speak & when to be quiet and say nothing

how to apply it and what times it need to be applied

Even when the words inside are true and nonfictional

Often  times this rule has been very difficult  for me

But it is disciple to my flesh

Some things are better kept and expressed only in prayer

While others need to be expressed

But often times not in full expression

For the sake of not putting a burden on someone else heart

Often times I’ll not only say within me, “I’ll take it.” I do take it

People can’t appreciate that though because they don’t understand that it’s what you’re doing.

They say

What you do say is bad enough

How you do express it is bad enough

You say nothing

Taking some more

Yet they still seem hurt and not at peace

Then you place it in the master’s hands

Ⓒ 2011 All Rights Reserved  by Catonya W. Faison