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This morning as I sat & pondered on the words I heard from my Lord during my morning prayer, “Make way for the Lord”. I understood that to mean for me, “PREPARE”.  I became so full in my thoughts and  in my heart. I became so displeased with me 1st then secondly the things all around me. Knowing God IS returning for a GLORIOUS CHURCH and we MUST prepare so that we may be ready for His return!

We MUST make way! Make way for the Glory of the Lord! Make way for the Sword of the Lord!Make way for the Word of the Lord!

We MUST ask God to prepare us with His Refiners Fire ,Cleansing Fire, Purifying Fire & All Consuming Fire to  free us from sin and give us a heart for Him once again, to separate the precious from the vile in us that we SHALL be that GLORIOUS CHURCH!

In light of all these things my heart became sore though encouraged. I talked to my husband about these things in a brief while he was out and he soon realized my heart was disturbed and we agreed that he would cover me in prayer as I would cover him. When we hung up the phones  I told GOD  this was one of those times I needed a  flower or a fresh blowing wind! The fresh air always has been so soul reviving for me. Moments later my husband walked through the door with a single white rose. I was all smiles as tears ran down my face as I took DEEP smells of my rose. I thanked God as I thanked my husband and told him of what I had just told the Lord. My card that accompanied my white rose read, To the world’s best wife: “ Take a deep breath & breathe in some freshness. When there’s a lot going on, you need to take time to breath in some freshness. I love you”

Thank you honey! Only God knows how that rose truly blessed my soul! I love you!