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For many of us, it has been difficult to see God’s mercy & grace when difficult situations and circumstances seems to bombard us all around and about.  1 Corinthians 4:8 & 9 becomes our hope and comfort, “We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed.

I have been very ill for quite some time. Some days better than others. Our kids have been sicker than I ever remember them being before. Difficult situations at the schools with crude kids, uncaring, mishandling teachers and undiscerning principals, physical atmospheres that feels dryer than a desert with an unquenchable spiritual thirst.

We prayed, family prayed & friends prayed but things didn’t appear to be getting better. I asked God why. I just couldn’t understand why we seemed to be going through so much in the last few months. Things had been so wonderful and we were prospering and being blessed on every hand! We hadn’t ceased to do what God have asked of us. Neither have we lost focus. We have continued in all we knew to be right. So what happened was my question! I began talking to my husband  about how I felt about everything. He quoted to me Psalm 34:19 and said, “Honey, remember Job!” Oh how that warmed my heart right up, those words bore witness with my spirit and I felt the presence of God and I said, “Lets pray”. And so we did.

As my husband and I laid in bed for it was after eight. He read scriptures to me until I fell asleep. Well, today I was not feeling well at all in my body or in my thoughts. As I was resting the Holy Spirit then brought Job to my mind once again and I opened my bible to it and I began to read. In the words of the pages I found my hope and my strength.

Job was a blessed man who lived righteously. Satan challenged Job’s integrity, proposing to God that Job served him simply because God protected him. God removed Job’s protection, allowing satan to take his wealth, children, and his physical health in order to tempt Job to curse God. Despite Job’s difficulty, he did not curse God and though he protested his plight and pleads for an explanation, he stopped short of accusing God of injustice. God restored Job to a better condition than his former wealthy state. 
A special thanks to all those who have been praying for us! Exceeding blessings to you all! Your prayers were answered, maybe not in the way you expected but it was through REVELATION! And revelation is powerful when utilized properly. It has indeed brought strength & hope to me THIS day!Prayer Warriors, KEEP praying! 

  My hope is in the truth that God IS going to restore me and my family to a BETTER condition than our former prospering state as long as we persevere and do not faint! We WILL NOT look at the things that are seen but at what God have given us revelation of and THAT, we press toward!