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The Lord spoke through a night vision and said to me, “The tests you’ve been  through were long and hard but you’re reached the  end now. There were great obstacles along the way. You made some mistakes but you didn’t give up. I gathered people to hold your arms up as Aaron & Hur did for Moses. You were in a season of winter but NOW you’re in your spring time! You endured! This has made you stronger and wiser than ever before. Behold, a NEW thing I AM doing in you NOW! Behold, the former things have come to pass, and new things I NOW declare. Before they spring forth, I tell you of them. You have heard this things foretold, NOW you see this FULFILLMENT. I show you specified NEW things FROM THIS TIME FORTH, EVEN HIDDEN things kept in reserve which you have not known.” “Stay in My Word and forsake not my teachings lest you stumble and fall”! “For this will be as a testimony for others”.

If GOD gives us dreams, is it NOT God whom the interpretation belongs!(NOT books & manuals)

Spring time is in the spirit as it is in the physical: A time of life, strength, fruitfulness, renewal, refreshing/freshness, regrowth,  revival, reawakening & recharging. It’s a time of the entrance, appearance & coming of NEW life.  It’s a time when the waters are full and the RAINS are HEAVY! A time of an ABUNDANCE of RAIN!  Oh my, I could shout right NOW!!!!