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I’ve been really sick; having some real bad chest pains; throbbing head pressure on the right side of my head and shortness of breath and a bad case of acid reflux for the past 2 weeks. I have just been resting as God (MY doctor) & my husband(nurse) prescribed 🙂 This morn I felt like I was about 2 leave the land of the living! I felt just awful and it was very difficult for me to breathe. I laid in bed singing, praying and confessing the Word of God over myself.

The Lord spoke 2 me and said, “ARISE, wash your face and anoint your head”.

I hurried out the bed so quick my husband asked me, “What are you doing, what’s wrong!” I could barely utter words to him for my breath was so faint. I did just as the Lord commanded me! I brushed back my hair, got dressed and went outside for a prayer walk as I enjoyed the cool of the morning and the freshness of the gusting wind that God used to bring healing, renewal & refreshing to my body. My husband came along to keep eye on me. When I was done with my walk I sat down on the steps outside not ready to go back in just yet, I started talking to my husband about what the Lord had told me. It came to my mind the scripture (Matthew 6:17) which says, “But thou, when thou fastest, anoint thine head, and wash thy face”. The Lord brought to my attention that fasting is supposed to be a sacrifice and done out of faith and one act of faith can change our life. Though I wasn’t fasting, I made a choice and sacrifice to get up, ignore how I was currently feeling and do what (1 Corinthians 4:18) said and obey the Words of the Lord in which I’d heard. As a result of it I felt 100% better now. Dont know what later will hold but I have faith and…

I praise God for providing just what we need. We only need to believe that Jesus Christ ALREADY done all we will EVER need, obey what God have bided us and receive the gifts that were freely given to us. No, it’s not always easy to do what God desire of us but He has given us a helper (His Holy Spirit) and those whom He put in our lives and path to pray for us & encourage us along the way.

Thank you for your healing prayers!