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So often we put so many demands on God. We ask so many questions about why He didn’t this or that, constantly desiring for HIM to do more. It never seems to be a time that we’re just satisfied with what He’s given or provided. There should be a time where we ask OURSELVES, “What have I done for GOD lately?”

The second half of that is how it makes us feel when God answers our request and gives us what we asked and prayed for. Oh how thankful, happy and glad we are! Now Imagine how God feels when we ask God, “Lord, what can I do for YOU today?” Imagine how that would make Him feel if we asked HIM as MUCH as we’ve asked things of Him. We probably wouldn’t even have to ask Him for ANYTHING that wouldn’t already be provided! 

Vow to DAILY ask God wholehearted what can we do for Him without assuming we already know before He tells us.

Let our light shine before others, that they may see our good deeds and glorify our Father in heaven.