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I just had to share this with everyone!

There was a woman named Destiny. Destiny was walking down the street unsure at the time where she was headed. Moments earlier, Destiny had ministered to a group of troubled men on that very street. As Destiny walked on the sidewalk of the street, she arrived at a cross-road that would lead her away from home or in the direction of her home. After a couple of looks both ways, Destiny chose to go the way that lead to home. As Destiny walked, she became hungry but did not have any money on her and decided to wait until she arrived home. Destiny seeing a small, unknown, unpopular soul food eatery decided she would go in, just to see what they had with no intentions on buying. The people warmly greeted Destiny. The appearance of the eatery was as if the eatery did not receive much business. The food was cooked then wrapped in aluminum foil but was uncovered when Destiny came in. The workers put on their serving gloves. Destiny looked over the food selections for a while. Destiny felt awful about the time spent and preparation on the part of the workers. Destiny walked away from the counter. A worker noticed her leaving and mentioned to another worker that Destiny was just going to the restroom. Destiny overhearing, truly felt terrible. Destiny then portrayed that she was going into the restroom but escaped through an exit door. Before Destiny could totally get away, a worker spotted her on the outside and came toward her. Destiny felt obliged to apologize and tell the worker the truth. Destiny then just wanted to donate something to the workers business and told the worker so but Destiny knew she did not have any money to do what her heart desired. Destiny stilled her mind and prayed, asking God to supply her desire to give to the worker. Checking her pockets, Destiny found some coins. She gave it to the worker. As Destiny gave, she saw that she had even more to give! After a while, Destiny ran out of coins and she then told the worker she had given all she had. Destiny began to thank and praise God so high for honoring her request and desire. The worker seeing this and being moved by it, wanted to add her own money to what Destiny had given her. Destiny seeing this was overwhelmed in joy! Destiny continued in high praises as tears fell from her face. The worker then in turn told Destiny she felt the Lord wanted her to bless her. The worker then, handed Destiny a $100.00 dollar bill. Destiny was even more overwhelmed, praises got louder and tears fell heavier. Destiny knew what the Lord had done, what He was saying and what He was about to do, even for the worker and her business.

This testimony has many lessons but one came to mind instantly when I saw this, the lesson in the bible of “The Widow’s Mite,” though not in comparison with another. It also reminded me of the miracles of belief, benefits of being honest, having the right desires & motives, not being selfish, not being ashamed of God causing us to hold back on our praises because of who is around us and the results when we give our very best. No man may ever know the degree or sacrifice of our gifts, offerings & tithes but God knows ALL and sees ALL and God WILL repay us!