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God, the Father watches us all everywhere.

No one could have possibly made this occur BUT God! Therefore, this first tribute is to my heavenly Father.

Thank you so much Father for caring & loving me enough to make this night happen for me! Truly, this was a BIRTHday celebration, a moment in time that I will NEVER forget! I speak not of a physical birthday from when I was born from my mother. I speak of a birth of a beginning of newness and spiritual change for me.

A room filled with family, friends, even old foes, people from my past & present who caused me some kind of hurt or disappointment and likewise, whom I hurt. It was a reminder of all the pains yet so much love to bring balance. I had a chance to tell everyone just how I felt. They all just listened. I could hear the thoughts and feel the feelings of many. They said to themselves, if only everyone in the world could get this chance.

Oh, the tears I cried were many but these were tears of pure joy! This could have been a time of pride but inwardly I felt only wholesome humility. I would have never known the words to speak at such an event as this but my faithful Father put into my mouth the words I should speak. I was very overwhelmed.

After everything had ended, I partook of a supreme peace and refreshing. I felt so strengthened, so empowered and so understanding of the purpose for the tribute. The tribute was to bring about a healing and deliverance that I may not have received otherwise.

My final words to everyone were this: “Even though you all are here for me, I hope that this time was also a time of reflection, of hope and of freedom for you!”

There was no way I could have put every detail in this blog for there were so many facets and this blog is quite long already.

For all of you who were there, thank you, I WILL NEVER FORGET!