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Llyn Syberi. A peaceful rarely frequented lake...

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In such a place of emptiness and vainness

It seems that I should be in concern, fear and doubt

Yet, I look around at my surroundings

Everything so still, so serene and so peaceful

I feel so sure, so at peace and so at ease

The skies are bright and sunny

The breeze from the wind so cool, yet refreshing

I hear the birds chirping

I see them soaring and gliding around so carefree

So many lessons we can learn from the birds

I am reminded

Just as our heavenly Father take care of the birds of the air

He WILL take care of us

For we who are made in His image holds more value

I rest in green pastures and I am at peaceful streams within

I know my Father only have to say, “LET THERE BE…”and it SHALL