A few days ago, early morn in my prayer time, I heard the phrase ‘side swiped’. Immediately, I felt this was in reference to an accident and it puzzled me as to why I heard it. I thought, “Oh no Lord not another accident!” This morning in my prayer time, I heard the word ‘safe’. I spoke with my husband about it. Moments later our 7-yr.old daughter Amaziah began to share what she received that morning. She received the word ‘safety’. Our oldest daughter Nakeda told me our 11-yr.old son Zhaikale told her that the Lord told him that we have to be sure to wear our seat belt. My oldest daughter laughed and said, “You are the one that always seem to have to be reminded to put on your seat belt, so we shouldn’t have to tell you today hah.”

Well, today we went out and sure enough, a U-haul truck sideswiped our van by cutting to sharp. We ended up with a bad dent, some deep scratches, van discoloration and a torn up back light.

This is the second accident we have been in with our van. However, we felt compassion for the man that hit us. His license was suspended, he and his family had just moved into town, exhausted their funds and he wasn’t supposed to be driving the U-haul truck anyway. If we let the insurance handle the case, he would have been in huge trouble and his pregnant girl friend that rented the U-haul and let him drive. We prayed and wanted to talk to the officer about just taking a loss and letting him go. Sure enough when the officer got out the car he said because we were on private property, it was up to us how we wanted to settle the matter. They were worried about what we were going to do but we told them we wouldn’t file with the insurance and told them not to worry about it. It appears as if we took a loss but we believe there was a purpose for this, though we don’t know what it is right now. We seek reward and compensation from God in whatever way He so chooses. However, we felt rewarded with knowing that we helped a family stay out of trouble. Our focus was, “We reap what we sow”. To God be the glory ANYHOW!

Thank you Father for letting us know this was going to happen in advance!