Do we give to our spouse what we give to God? Do we give to God what we give to our spouse? Are we selfish? Do we ask for or expect more than we give?

Yesterday afternoon my family and I were taking a ride and enjoying our time out. I went off in my thoughts and began talking to the Lord. Far in the conversation, I happened to look over at my husband for a few minutes then I looked away and continued in my conversation with the Lord. I asked God to give me the love I had at the very beginning of our relationship. Immediately, the Spirit said, “It was not LOVE you had at the beginning of your relationship. If I give you what you ask for and what you had at the beginning, I would be giving you LESS than what you have already gained through the years. You have love NOW!” I QUICKLY withdrew my petition! I realized what I really needed and should have asked was for a greater passion for my spouse, a fire that never burned low and a thirst that is never completely quenched.

God asked me, “Is this not the same thing that you desire for you and me?” I marveled at the question and responded, “It most certainly is!” He then asked, “How much time & sincerity are you putting in?” “The same things that are going to get you closer to your spouse are the same as what’s going to get you even closer to me.” “Are you giving like you desire to receive?” What you give to me, you should give to your spouse and what you desire of your spouse, you should also desire of me.” “There should not be much of a difference in your reaction to me as it is to your spouse.”

I began to ponder on that which I desire from my spouse and concluded that all these things I also desire of God, to draw closer to God means also drawing closer to my spouse, putting as much time and sincerity in my spouse as I put in God. No, it may not be easy for some of us to treat our spouses like we treat God because we dealing with someone flesh and human nature and we know within ourselves how that can be. J But God is willing and ready to help us. We need but only ask.