God is so good yall and He is a Father who truly cares, in spite of how the enemy tries to discredit Him, just as the enemy tries to discredit us before God. God does things within us that many times we just do not even realize until we are confronted with certain situations or circumstances. I said that to say that we can never think or assume God is not working or moving on our behalf. Many times, it is just that we have not seen the work yet. I am here today to encourage you as I encourage myself. God, our Father WILL follow through with what He has said to us and concerning us. Every promise He have made, He will make good of it and not one word will return to Him void but it will accomplish what He sent it to do but it is conditional. We MUST do our part by continuing to stay strong and focused, keep our faith active, trust Him to be God and continue steadfastly to do what He has told us and commanded us.