When God puts music deep into your soul, it is music that must be verbalized outwardly in some form. You have to sing it or hum it. Not being limited to either in the essence of what it is but to put  everything you have into that song or hum because if not, it’s as if you never did anything at all as you remain just as full to overflowing . The urge is too great just to hold and keep inside of yourself. It is as if you do not express it, it would just continue to fill you with its contents until you could literally feel yourself bursting at that seams.

Oh, but when you express it with everything within you, what a glorious feeling it is indeed. God plants a joy so deep down in your soul that truly no one can take away from you. A semi-permanent smile comes upon your face that is not easy to remove.

God has indeed given me the gift of music of the soul. It is ALWAYS there for me whenever I need or just desire a closer feel of His presence. I praise Him for this because it has indeed bought me out of many trying and disturbing situations.

MUZ.jpg Music image by AnnaMarie_108