Last night our 4-year-old son Isaiah was in our living room watching a cartoon as he usually is around this time at night. All the other children had gone to bed but our oldest daughter who was finishing some homework in her bedroom with her bedroom door shut. My husband and I was in our bedroom talking about some things that we noticed different about each other. Midway the conversation Isaiah began constant, short coughing that made us pause our conversation and listen to assure he was okay. After about a minute Isaiah begun to make gasping- for- air sounds, then he was completely silent. I went to jump off the bed to run to him but felt to wait. I thought to myself, “What am I waiting for?” but I waited just as I felt in my spirit to do. As my husband and I waited, I began breathing very shallow in anticipation for Isaiah to utter more sounds or words to assure us that he was fine. Sure enough, he did! I smiled so big, looked over at my husband and gave a long sigh of relief. The feeling I felt at that moment was incredible and though very memberable, it is quite hard to describe in words the great feeling I felt deep within me. That smile was semi- permanent upon my face.  I begun to pondered on that which had just happened. In an instant, the Lord spoke to my spirit and said this is just how our heavenly Father is. He listens to our disturbing sounds in our different situations and circumstances. He listens to the murmurings, complaints, etc. but He does not respond right away. He just listens and waits to see if we are going to make some different sounds. He is waiting and listening for sounds of praise, sounds of worship, sounds of thanksgiving and sounds of prayer been spoken in our different situations and circumstances. WHEN He does hear it, He smiles. Then we have made a happy Father!

88731dl5fq5r6oz.gif God smile image by CCschenk09