This REALLY blessed me and I wanted to share it with all of you, in hopes that something here will bless you too. I pray that you not only read these words but ponder them.May it cause a smile to come upon your face.

I went to the bathroom and found myself at a stand still and staring off. The Holy Spirit implanted in my thoughts that God was cleaning me out. I smiled and thought, “OK!” I left the bathroom smiling.With thoughts of it still lingering in my mind, I went into the living to sit down.Our 7 yr. old daughter Amaziah who was sitting on the floor, looked over at me and asked, “Mommy are you ok?” I looked over at her and said, “ I am fine. You guys(our children) just have to pray for me.” For my sinus was acting up (blog post from yesterday). She smiled and said, “Mommy the Lord is just cleaning you out. Don’t you know that?” I smiled and said, “Yes Amaziah. God is INDEED!” For He told me this while I was in the bathroom!

What a tremendous blessing it is to have CHILDREN that are discerning by the Spirit of God and able to be used to bring confirmations to us as parents!