Let me tell you a story!

There was a lady that was so in love with God! The lady and her family went to church. Well, when the lady got there and got into the flow of the Spirit, she was just gone in the presence of the Lord! She didn’t even notice the people that were around her. Actually, she didn’t see anyone because her eyes and it was just her and her God! The lady cried and worshipped with everything within her! It was easy to understand by the spirit of discernment that lady just had such a reverence of God! Even the people that knew the lady knew how she loved God and how tight knitted the lady and her family was. After the service was over, the lady continued to cry and worship. People began to stare! The lady was so caught up with God that she didn’t even realize that service was over! Well the lady husband knew of his wife and how she loved the Lord and besides, this wasn’t the fist time she’s done this. So he left her there as he usually did and she call him when she was done being they lived so close to the church. Well, there were some women of the church that decided to go over to her because they had noticed when her husband left. They wrapped a blanket over her and began rubbing her back saying and sorry they were that her husband had left and asking what they could do to help and preceded to counsel her! The lady stopped and wiped her eyes because she knew of the confusion and said, “Excuse me, but what are you talking about! My husband loves me! He just went home as he usually does with the children when I get so overtaken in God! When I’m done, I call him and he comes back to get me! I’ve been going to this church for years and nobody ever came to me before! I am wonderful! What would make you think such a thing?” Then the lady began to counsel them ;-). Then the women got upset and walked off murmuring to themselves.

Let us not make hasty judgments on situations or people. But in ALL things using prayer and discernment, seeking God’s knowledge & wisdom so that we may not cause harm to ourselves or others!