This morning once again I awakened with the presence of God already upon me from my night visions (dreams). At this very moment, I inwardly began to pray.

I greeted my Father (God) and thanked Him for such restful sleep, for blessing me to see another day in good health, for such a wonderful night/morning of dreams that made me feel even closer to Him, as well as expressing thanks in advance for a prosperous day ahead, etc.

My night visions were filled with much meaning and hope. Do to the fact that I had many I won’t take the time to give the dreams in details for this is not my subject for writing this note.

There was such peace as I arose from my bed in the still quietness of this morning.

As a question begun to fill my mind with its essence, I felt pressed to write of my experience this meaning and ask this specific question that you may ponder before answering. “What are 3 main essentials (as you see it) that we need in the world today as not JUST Christians but CHRISTIAN BELIEVERS?” (There is a difference)

As I contemplated its answer, I went into my living room an set a scene by lighting some candles and pulling back my curtains to clearly see the water falling from the clouds, melting the last of our snow, observing the black birds flying around chipper and seeing the thick fog cover the mountains as smoke overtaking them. Then, I was set to write but back to the subject:

What are the most important essentials (as you see it) that we need to live lives pleaseing to God as Christian believers? Explain.

Your answer WILL help many!Whether they ever verbalize it or not:-)