To ALL family & friends that stood in prayer with us concerning our 4 yr.old son Isaiah Jeremiah’s speech.

God has certainly heard our prayers but not ONLY heard, He answered!

Isaiah’s vocabulary has doubled since I last asked everyone to be praying with us concerning Isaiah’s speech!MOST of Isaiah’s words has become VERY clear to understand! Not ONLY has Isaiah’s words become clear but his word usage is amazing! It’s not just his words but the specific words and phases that God have made clear for him to express. Like kissing his baby brother and saying, “love you" ASKING, "are you okay" "what happened" "Bob the builder, can we fix it" :-)There has many MANY other words & phases,Praise our God, but I won’t list them all here now.

There is no doubt in our minds that Isaiah WILL speak fluently and clear that we may be able to understand his EVERY word.

Please continue to stand in prayer with us until Isaiah’s speech is COMPLETELY clear!Thank you ALL once again for your sincere prayers and may God bless you according to the dedication you put into prayer on our behave!

There is NOTHING our God won’t do for us if we remain faithful to Him & and trusting in Him!