This is a short blog tonight but I felt pressed on my heart to say this, and with tears in my eyes I say to “Let us love our Father (GOD) with all our hearts, with all our minds, and with all our strength, just as He has loved us and continues to love us in spite of ourselves. Let us try to give back to our father that which He has given to us, though we know NOTHING that we can give can come close to the love God gives to us. His mercies are new EVERYDAY!

He loves us soooo much! We see it all around us everyday. In the change in our children, the change in our spouses, the changes on our jobs, the changes in our homes, the changes that are taking place in our hearts for others, our renewed strength etc. I could go on but you know those things that God has done for you, those answered prayers, His warm embraces, times He’s wiped our tears, healed our hurts & pains, delivered us from the sins our flesh and the yoke of this world.

Does ALL these things not PROVE His love? Can God prove our love? Is our love for Him as evident my beloved ones?

God IS and has been ALL things to us! Let us give back to Him what He is worthy of!

In this, is LOVE, not that we loved God, but that HE loved us and gave His Son as the atoning sacrifice for OUR sins! Tell me then, how GREAT is the love that the father has lavished on us, that we should be called CHILDREN of God and that IS what we are, so let us love our father as children SHOULD!

Father, Our Beloved Father, We love you, forgive us for not showing you just how much sometimes. Forgive our selfish ambitions at times. Help us to love you just as we should Father. Let NOTHING separate us from YOUR love! Let our love for you be convincing! Your love Father is sooo faithful! Let our love NOT fail YOU.


Psalm 107:31 (31 kb)