Today was more than just a “Mothers Day” for me. This day was my FIRST experience with tears of JOY.

Over the years I have experienced tears for many reasons but none in which I remember to be happy tears or tears of joy.

Today was almost overwhelming for me but in the greatest way. I never remember feeling such heart-felt, joyous emotion accompanied with tears before.

Don’t misunderstand! I am happy and I have had my share of laughter & smiles too but like I said, not such sincere, merry emotion conveyed with tears as I have felt this day.

This “Mother’s Day” UNEXPECTEDLY, my husband & children prepared for me music, house decorations, gifts and an atmosphere of so much love and peace as I rested in bed.

After awakening, arising and preparing for the day. I relaxed in my room as I made some Mother’s day phone calls. Moments later my husband called for me to come downstairs. I came down through white streamers, entering into our living room filled with an atmosphere of love and peace. As I listen to the song my husband recorded for me just for Mother’s Day. I felt SOOOOO adored as I listened to the music, looking around the room filled with white balloons & streamers on the walls and hanging from the ceiling with shouts of “Happy Mother’s Day, We love You”! Tears instantly filled my eyes as I smiled graciously. I looked to my right and noticed a table where they laid out my gifts and the homemade cards which my children had made for me. Awe so beautiful! I felt like a princess at a ball, just without my tiara, and to my surprise, when I opened the card my children made, my 6 year old daughter Amaziah had drawn me as a queen WITH A TIARA upon my head. On the back of it was a white rose. Tears not only filled my eyes but also my heart. I could fill the presence of God all around! My family had filled our living room with my Father’s {God} promises to me! I heard my Fathers words to me, “You see you as a princess but I see you as more. I see you as a Queen. You are adored with not only physical gifts but gifts of MY spirit. All this white represents what I’m dong in you and what your outcome will be after the purification process.”

I SHALL BE purified, made white, and refined! Though my sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall be like wool. My countenance like lightning, and my clothing as white as snow!

b6563460.jpg tears of joy image by sparrow13m

This time I’m not crying because I’m hurt or sad. THIS time I’m overwhelmed by the emotions of JOY & PEACE!