Moments before it was time for our children to go to bed, my 6 year old daughter Amaziah said to her father thus as she wee putting her school materials in her backpack (none of her words were altered):

“Be not weary in well doing”

My husband responded to her statement with this question, “Why not”?

In answer to his question Amaziah said, “Because it’s a new season”!

My husband then responded back with yet another question, “What does that mean”?

In answer to that question, Amaziah replied, “Things are changing”!

My husband and I both looked at each other and smiled. Amaziah smiled too. Making sure all of her things was in her backpack, when she was done, she said, “good night” then went upstairs to her room for bed.


Note: May YOU find encouragement and hope in the words of a child!