I was sitting down in a chair in my bedroom holding my son Divine Zion in my arms for he had just awakened from his sleep. Divine felt a little warmer than usual to me. I began to stroke Divine’s skin. I then told my husband to touch him and see if Divine felt warm to him. My husband put his hand on Divine’s forehead and on the sides of his face. My husband stated that Divine felt okay to him and no warmer than normal. I said alright. I then told my husband that we needed to go ahead and buy Divine the soy milk that I held the Lord speak to me in my union with him this morning. My husband said alright. I told my husband tat I knew we had just bought Divine milk a couple of days prior but I felt not to give him any more of that milk. After then I turned to Divine. Looking into his eyes, I asked Divine if he was okay. IMMEDIATELY, I felt the presence of God ALL over me! It was so strong that it caused me to begin praying in the Spirit. I then asked my husband if he would take Divine for a moment. I just felt that I needed to get what was happening recorded and thus I began to right this testimony. Even now I continue to type every word with the presence of God.

I posted this because I felt to do so under the unction of the HOLY Spirit of God. I do not know at this very moment why it happened or why I needed to post this. I just KNOW that I HAVE to be obedient to God and whatever the purpose was it WILL be revealed.