Recently in union with the Lord one morning, the Lord spoke to me the word, “Metamorphosis”. As I was yet pondering on the word, as in a vision the Lord showed me a beautiful butterfly. LadyButterfly2.gif lady butterfly image by Avia-Sunanda

We have been in the metamorphosis process for a while BUT we have arrived at and remain even now in the process of “change”. When God spoke the word, ”metamorphosis” to me and afterwards showing me beautiful butterfly, I felt, ”promotion”. That said to me that we WILL get to the final stage of this process where a TOTALL transformation would have taken place. THEN, we will be walking in the fullness of who God designed us to be, doing what He created us to do. Walking out our destiny in Him!

“Spiritual Metamorphosis” is a spiritual transformation and advancement in spiritual growth that we may live up to our full potential in God. Spiritual metamorphosis is when we go through a complete spiritual transformation (change) in all areas of our life with lasting affects do to our advanced spiritual walk with God. Our inner beauty will be refined, our mind renewed and our spirit rejuvenated by supernatural means.

NOW is the time to take our spiritual call and our spiritual gifts higher, being led by the Holy Spirit EVERY step of the way for guidance and direction!

We cannot put a price on the knowledge or the feeling that comes along with knowing that though we start out as a caterpillar, we can end up as a butterfly. All the trials and controversy as Christian believers’ are apart of the "cocoon" process, which in the end will transform that lowly, on-ground caterpillar into a beautiful flying butterfly!

NOW is time for our change! To be empowered to succeed, empowered to thrive, empowered to excel and empowered to prosper! Empowerment which can ONLY be given by the Holy Spirit.

Caterpillar: A time of growth 


Chrysalis (cocoon): A time of change.


Mature Butterfly: A time of fruition; a rebirth.

 11April09025.jpg Butterfly image by ozwildbird