(Written) Sabbath Saturday, April 19, 2009

This morning our family bible study started with a question. I began by asking everyone how they felt when they awaken from their sleep. Everyone replied. My response was, "I felt unfulfilled and dissatisfied.” Although I felt the  way in which I felt, I knew those emotions were not without cause. I then went boldly to the throne of God where I received His mercy and found grace that helped me in my time of need. The Lord at that point began to speak. He addressed our planned prayer times, though we pray individually throughout the day. Our family planned prayer times is at 5 am, 12noon and 7 pm and 10 minutes every hour. God said that He gave us those set prayer times just as a starter, just as a helper for consistency. God said that He is calling us higher. He is calling us to an era of perpetual prayer, intercession and fasting. He said that He is bringing us in a constant communion with Himself and that He would get us to a place of TOTAL reliance on His Spirit in and for ALL things, every moment. God went further to say that we can read books, hear stories, etc. about other faithful & powerful men and women of God success in Him including the success of their ministries, their lives of prayer, fasting, consecration and the signs, wonders & miracles that followed them, even in His Word but they are there as manuals and guides for us to use. God says that He has a plan tailored made just for us. God has given us His Holy Spirit to utilize right now! God desires that we be led by His Holy Spirit to direct, lead and prepare us to be who He called us to be, unfolding and manifesting in FULL potential OUR  ministry of faithfulness and power that He himself has designed for us as an individual, family and/or group .

The Lords says, “This IS MY WILL, plan and desire for YOU! You ONLY need to cling to me, adhere to my Spirit, follow the Holy Spirit’s lead, NEVER doubt but ONLY BELIEVE and YOU WILL walk therein to the place I’VE called YOU! I WILL show you, Yes, I WILL show YOU. YOU ARE MY chosen and I WILL lead YOU!”