icon11.jpg tears i cry image by heathergrissom


When I am sad

And my heart is hurting

Hurting so bad that it feels like it moves down to my stomach

I can barely breathe

Tears fill my eyes to their capacity

And quickly

They run out of my eyes and down my face

I hide my face so that no one will see my tears

I feel violated, mistreated, like I was dealt an unfair hand


My God in whom I serve

Creator of this world

Alpha & Omega


Leaves me backed up in a corner with no way of escape

He says to me:

“Remember that which I’ve told you. You knew these days would come.

I’ve already given you a way of escape and

That way of escape is


Trust me

Lift up your head oh daughter

Do you not know to the place which I called you? Stand, and take your position


It is time for battle.

I have already equipped you and prepared you.

Walk ye therein oh daughter of the MOST HIGH.”

I close my eyes in thought of what I just heard,

I smile

I give my God praise