Lord God,
I pray you don’t let my faith falter. Don’t let me stumble or hestiate in your purpose for me. Don’t let me waver in my faith.
 Peter said to Him, Even if they all fall away and are caused to stumble and distrust and desert You, yet I will not [do so]!
 Key Thought

Peter, seemingly always wanted to be better or more important than the other followers of Jesus, overstateing his faith. While Peter initially backs up his words to Jesus by drawing a sword and being ready to defend the Lord when Yeshua was arrested but Peter runs away with the other followers when Yeshua wouldn’t fight. In fact, he later denies the Lord three times.

Peter is the great reminder that even those of us who possess great faith can run into confusing times when our faith seems to waver and our resolve seems to melt. Thank goodness for our forgiving Savior. However, let’s heed Yeshua’s warning to Peter and never over-state our loyalty or be overly critical of those whose loyalty wavers. Instead, let’s commit to be faithful and to reclaim those who falter.

My Prayer:

LORD God Almighty, I am not even close to being invincible. My faith is fallible. I don’t want to waver or fall. However, dear LORD, I know that without your powerful help, I will. I humbly ask for your strength and pray that I will not disappoint you or fail you. In Yeshua’s name I pray. Amen.