Hello friends, this was written and told to me by my friend (brother) RV and I wanted to share it with all of you. He is from another country so bare with his way of wording his words.
Why I Cry

 i cry about the world,  

i cry about injustice,

i cry about cheating,

n i cry about unfaithful


also i cry when there is a happy ending, n this is the cry of joy

the tears of satisfactory

n the tears of peace


sometime i cry for u

i cry for the cruel way u be treated by others

sometime u make me smile a bit

I pray to God for a heart of compassion such as RV has. Only on different occasions I have felt such love and compassion manifested and displayed but I desire a continual heart like God’s, FULL of compassion and love. This is indeed one of many marks I press towards.