"Trust & Praise"

I wanted to update you on my delivery progression. Baby boy “Divine Zion” has not yet arrived! I am now 4 days overdue. The contractions were really hard and five minutes apart so I went to the hospital only to find that I had only dilated 3 centimeters. The “doctor” says things don’t seem to be progressing. However, “I” understand and believe we can’t go on how things appear and “God’ is the one in control!

However, the doctor want me to come back to the hospital on Wednesday the 21st to be induced that morning at 7:00am but that is REALLY NOT what I want to do.

At first I was VERY disappointed with their verdict but then I couldn’t help from believing that it was purpose in this and it had absolutely NOTHING to do with them. As a result of this belief my feelings about the delay almost instantly changed as I thought on what God could want me to see in this situation.

This morning before the break of day I awakened and found myself once again in contemplation about the situation but from a different perspective. As I had begun to pray and talk to my Father (The Creator, God) telling Him how my desire was to go into labor naturally, not to be induced with any medication to force the baby into this world. After a while I found myself drifting off but not fully asleep. During this process I heard the Spirit and my soul communing. I could feel the presence of God as the conversation continued to go forth between the two. I lied still in quietness because I didn’t want to miss ANYTHING that was spoken! After but a few seconds I heard my soul say, “Lord, I want to be ready” spoken with intensity. I am still not sure at the moment just what that meant but I know it holds value. I also heard the voice of truth advising me "not to be afraid and to "trust & praise God". After hearing that, at that very moment my eyes just opened wide! The presence of God was on me heavily and I begun to do just as I heard the Spirit speak to me and I praised God. After I was done in my praise, I once again got very quite & still to listen to hear if there was anything else that the Spirit of God wanted to share with me and so it was. I then heard, “Redirect your thoughts of the situation and your faith.” I had just started to do just that as I was praying but it was yet to be completed.

I feel I have done and am doing just as the Lord wanted and have instructed me to do. I now wait patiently to see what God does. This pregnancy, baby Divine and his deliverance is in God’s hands and this too will be to the glory of God. However it turns out is indeed up to God. My trust and faith is in God. Though for a moment I must admit that it was not. My concern was with the situation, how tired I was and all the pain I was enduring. Doubt had crept in and found my guard down because for a moment I had let down my eyes from being lifted up and that’s what happened as a result of that. Doubt & uncertainty is unacceptable! Father, forgive me! We MUST continue to trust and praise God no matter what we face!

God chooses to work in our lives because He loves us, because He’s good, and because He cares for us.