A huge hello to ALL my friends! Today (Jan.15, 2009) is my due date!!!

It seems that we have been waiting for this day for so very long. Oh how my body is so exhausted! My husband, some friends and I have been praying for me to have the baby sooner because of all that I was going through physically with this pregnancy but it was not God’s timing for him. Also, for this same reason it was a while since I had blogged. I’m thinking it hadn’t been since sometime in October.

This pregnancy really was the hardest for me and it has been right from the very beginning. There were times I just did not think I was going to make it but God had already foreplanned for me to come through this, thus I did.

A special thank you to ALL my loving friends that has prayed for me along the way BUT don’t stop just yet! It’s still not over! Please continue praying that my strength remain. Pray for a healthy, quick delivery with no hesitation and that every contraction is aiding in the dilation process for the baby to be born, allowing EVERY contraction to COUNT!!!

We’re naming him Zion Divine or Divine Zion. We haven’t yet come to the exact order of his name just yet but when he’s born I’ll tell you the exact way of order and all about how we came to  name him as such and much more.

Anyone who would like to send  a gift(s) email me and I’ll send you my home address. Know that it will be much appreciated. I especially want to hear from ALL my friends! NO GIFT IS TOO SMALL, and ALL will be a BLESSING!!! Smile

Baby arrival