A night vision I won’t EVER forget!

Our Savior, Yeshua (Jesus) appeared to me in a night vision on 12/31/08 for the first time “in such a way” that He on no account has done before! His apparel was a purple robe with a blue sash around Him.

This was a dream experience that I have never had anytime prior. The night vision was so powerful words can not even express that which I felt or experienced even before I awaken.

At my Lord’s presence I felt it was my opportunity to ask what my heart wanted to know BUT the only thing that rolled off my tongue was this question to my Lord: Lord, what is it that I should know?

The words Yeshua, our Messiah spoke to me was thus: As the days of Noah were, that time is coming again!

Note: I did not express here the fullness of the night vision and ALL that occurred therein because I felt it was not as important as the message itself.

However, I did not know at the time that the words our Lord had spoken to me were a coming fulfillment of Bible prophecy about to be fulfilled!

Although no one knows the day or the hour that Messiah will return, no generation has had as many signs of the times as our generation. We have more reason to believe that Yeshua could come in our lifetime than any other generation before us. God does expect us to know the seasons. Christ told us that it will be like it was in the days of Noah. It is important to know what was going on in the days of Noah as it is one of the signs of our Saviors’ return.

Suggestive Readings: (Genesis 6:5-8, 7:6-24) (Matthew 24:36-51) (Mark 13:32-37) (Hebrews 11:7)

I am prepared and know that only a few people will believe and take heed to this warning just as it was with Noah. For so many have said that they have heard this from their youth and they’re old now and it still has not happened etc. but we are closer NOW in OUR generation than we have ever been before. I felt my Lord wanted me to share this with all who will listen. I know many people won’t care and will just go about their daily routine as prophesied but I believe that I was chosen by God just as Noah was to give you this warning! Numerous of people don’t even care about the truth of God’s word because they have no faith. Satan is using lies to lead God’s children astray just as he did in times past. He has polluted & misled this world, the saved and unsaved alike. Which is why people are so mixed up and confused.Many Christians are being deceived by the enemy’s lies, even the elect! Genuine believers in the Messiah who ought to be tirelessly preparing for His appearance are woefully ignorant of it. Many say they believe the bible but they don’t read it or obey it. They do not really study or understand the bible. Wheather we heed it or not, the signs of the times are evident!


God has & is extending a gracious invitation that has occurred again and again throughout the scriptures & throughout time. This invitation is given to ALL. God urges us to avail ourselves accordingly.

Bad news has a consequence, though obviously unpleasant, is paradoxically also a cause for hope; for as Christ so plainly said:

(Luke 21:28) "When these things begin to come to pass, then look up and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh."