When I awaken this morning, I didn’t awaken alone. Yes, my husband was on the other side of me but I also awakened with the presence of God.

I felt I needed to just get out into the fresh air where the wind was blowing and the outside was just lovely, semi cool but refreshing. I awaken my husband and told him of what I felt. Being the type of man he is, he is always on board with my desires and what I feel by the spirit. We got prepared along with our 3 year old son Isaiah and while we were preparing, I felt such an overwhelming feeling to just worship and praise God and my husband joined in with me until our house was just filled with songs of worship and prayer in the Spirit. When we completed getting ready we headed out in our van, not sure exactly where we was going but we knew the spirit would lead us and the Spirit did just that. As we drove we came to a stop and I felt to get a bite to eat on the go so I expressed this to my husband and he said, “Ok”. I also felt that we would take a walk by the ship dock near the water but I didn’t express this, instead I asked him where he felt we should go, just to see if we would be one in the spirit on this and sure enough we were. He told me the same place that was in my spirit and I told him so. He smiled and said, “Then lets go, that’s where we’re going”. As my husband went in to get the food our baby boy and myself remained in the van. A strong urge came over me once more to just pray & praise. I prayed, praised & worship until I was just in tears! My husband came out of the restaurant and we ate our food on the way to the dock. By the time we arrived at the dock we were finishing up the last of our lunch. We got out our van and began to walk. The wind begun to blow hard  and the water waves were rolling beautifully . The sun was shining so bright. The scene was just awesome! After a time had passed we headed back to the van to start out for home for my husband had a meeting to attend. As we were going down the road the Spirit dropped into my spirit these words: “Not always does God change a situation within us or around us. Sometimes He just changes us in the situation”. As I pondered those words I first thanked God for His words of wisdom, then I began to look around at my surroundings. The spirit then bought to my spirit that it does not matter the situation within us or the situations and conditions around us as much as it matters the Spirit of God within us because if we have God inside of us, He changes us inside out so much so that even in the midst of tragedy and chaos we can and will have peace and tranquility in Him being assured that no matter what happens or what we may encounter in these times God protects those whom truly belong to Him and gives us rest & strength.

255925304_81ee816a63.jpg troubled waters image by Sk8andestroy