The Great Commission

There was a young lady called of God destined to do great things only this young lady was not aware of the greatness of this mission God Himself had prearranged for her, therefore she was not aware of the start of her “Great Commission”.


This particular young lady went to her class and sat at her desk, totally unaware that her testing had begun at the moment she took her seat. She begins to look around at the different people and situations that were around her as she awaited her course instructions given by the administrator.

This young lady was very attractive in her outer appearance and she knew this in the way she postured herself, in the clothes she wore, the style of her hair and the turn of her head. However, she was also a very modest young lady.

She was involved with this young man that fathered an infant child who often put the care and responsibility on her as if she had birthed this child. The baby often cried and was a little burdensome to her but the young lady often did what was expected of her concerning the infant. The young man was also not ignorant of her beauty and the physical things that she possessed and desired for her to make known the treasures she held before everyone as he so stated and questioned her with this particular day in the class room. In response, the young lady softly said to him, “Yes, we are both fully aware of the material things that I have that many long for, some have obtained it and choose to make announcements of it and flaunt it around for all to see and marvel but I do not choose to.”

Suddenly she hears a thump and noticed that it was another young lady who had broken and fallen out of a chair. Everyone felt this was quite hilarious as the young lady gathers herself but the particular young lady didn’t find it amusing at all. In fact, with concern and compassion she asked the young lady if she was alright and the young lady who was now standing said, “Yes, thanks for asking.”

A vital change happened within this particular young lady after the incident had taken place with the young lady who had fallen. This particular young lady began again talking with the young man she was involved with but things were different now. She no longer wanted the responsibility of the child and handed the baby back over to the young man and told him that he needed to take care of his own child and that she was going to give him two weeks to care for the child properly or she was going to have to call the authorities.

After such time a man walked into the classroom and instructed this particular young lady to come with him. She felt he was an instructor/ agent and somehow she was aware of the reason he had come for her. Though sorrowful, she began exiting walking behind him. Before she was completely out of the class she stopped, turned around with tears rolling down her face and said to the other young men and women, “I have left the residue of God’s presence here and anything that you may need, you can get it. Don’t waste it!” Then she departed the class into a hall. The brother of this particular young lady who was also in the class with her appeared walking behind her and she noticed him and wanted to turn around and give him a hug. She asked the male instructor if she could hug him. This particular young lady was extremely sad. She was not aware or told where she was going or why. She felt she may be gone for a very long time and had no clue of when she would return back but the instructor left it to be her choice but for some reason she did not feel that she should and she was not sure why. As they arrive at this stationary room the instructor began giving her many documents, as what appeared to be assignments for her along with some other things that she would obviously need before the trip in a clear bag. With her brother still quietly behind, he followed them outside. This particular young lady and the male instructor arrived at the truck where the young lady would be driven now by a lady instructor/agent to their destination. She just knew this was it and she was heading out. Extremely sad, and heart broken with tears still rolling down her face she turned to her left noticing her children playing outside in the driveway. Not wanting to catch their attention because she didn’t want her leaving to be any harder than it already was. She turned to her brother and said, “You take good care of them.” She could feel her heart almost stopping at the thought of leaving them for she had never done this before and she didn’t even know when she would return to them. She then got in the truck and the female instructor could feel her pain and noticed that the young lady didn’t have her bag. Wanting to see if she would fold and desire to turn back for the bag to award her more time, the instructor asked her if it was something that she forgot and needed to go back to get. The young lady then realized she didn’t have her bag but stated she wanted to go on anyway. The instructor smiled as they drove off. When they reached their destination this particular young lady was still heartbroken from leaving her loved ones and everything that she knew, to go to a place that she knew not but she felt like she had to go and that she needed to go. She felt that this “Great Commission” that called her to make such ultimate sacrifices would lead to something great. This particular young lady and her instructor went into a dim room. The instructor was preparing to show the young lady a presentation on screen. As the instructor began talking the young lady through the presentation the young lady noticed that the people that was on screen was the same people from her class room and the instructor began telling her what part each person played in her “Great Commission”. The young lady was awe astonished. Then her instructor goes to a door and opens it and her husband walks out smiling. An engraved smile then came over her face so enormous. The young lady felt something in her mouth and it was a hair but as she removed a single piece of hair then it felt like her mouth was full of hairs and it was. She removed the hair but she thought to herself, “This is very strange” but as if seeing her husband now there with her wasn’t enough, the instructor opened a second door and out runs all her children. This particular young lady was just over whelmed.

 strongwomanbyKat03.jpg woman of strength image by crishelly811