"You Must Stand & Wait"

These are the words my Father God spoke to me concerning blogs Oct. 9, 12, 14a.

I suffered my testing in a way that I am not proud of. I allowed myself to fret. I grew impatient in my waiting because of my own efforts to restore myself and get the results I needed in the time that I desired it. I should have been resting in my Father and patiently waiting on Him to come and show me what I needed. To me things seemed to be too long. I have waited on God in faith for many years in many situations and no times seemed as hard as those times was for me over a course of a few weeks.

I know NOW that it was harder because it came in a lesson where I was weakest. I say it was my weakest because I could always handle just about anything that was thrown my way EXCEPT not hearing from my Father (God) or feeling His touch or feeling His presence near to me in the way I felt I should be, to me as I stated in my prior blogs that those times felt like someone was taking my very life away from me and the very air that I breathe was tremendously thin.

Our timing is not God’s timing in the situations and trails that we face and until we learn that wholeheartedly, those times will always seem just as hard and painful. We MUST learn our lessons well!

I know NOW that it was not my due season (God’s perfect timing) for things to change because of the immature way that I was handling it. Over the years I have been spoiled and when my Father (God) decided it was time for me to advance in the things He had taught me over the years, I through an adult fit.

I sought the Lord in hope & belief but my wrong was that I did not PATIENTLY wait for my salvation to come. There is no half way with God and it wasn’t until I decided to quit fighting against it and surrender that an immediate change began to take place.

WHY??? Because in waiting on God our faith is matured and our patience for that thing is completed and that is the place He was trying to get me to all the time.

What I now call “wasted agony” Next time our think twice before throwing a fit. WHY??? IT DOESN’T WORK!!! I got what I wanted when I surrendered to the WILL of my Father, decided to rest in Him and patiently wait for what I desired of Him.

A lesson WELL learned!!!

WaitLord.jpg Wait On  The Lord image by soulfulsavedsoprano