Many misunderstood what I was saying in my writings in my last two blogs on October 9 & October 12 just as I thought would happen. I wrote the blogs anyway because writing is just one of the talents God has given me to release my feelings & emotions. Writing is also a form of prayer for me. In addition to that, writing help me to get through just about anything that I am experiencing at any given time. God also speaks to me in my writings.

But for all who understood and knew what I was saying by the spirit and prayed on my behalf, I offer my appreciation & gratitude. Thank you so much! I have NO doubt that it was all of your prayers that helped me through these times.

Indeed my thoughts was accurate about the things that I was undergoing were lessons and test. God has spoken and has confirmed that to me on a number of occasions since my blog on Oct. 12. I now feel a peace that is indescribable! My Father (God) not only gave me answers but understanding also. God showed me that the things I HAD to suffer were undoubtedly for my good and NECESSARY for a greater advancement in Him. He also showed me why I had to endure them at THIS time. My Father (God) is also my teacher and He has shown me that it was time to be promoted to a higher level in Him. We all know that before any promotion we have to submit ourselves to times of testing.

No, it is not easy but it is indeed worth it.

I am experiencing the changes even NOW, still knowing that the best is yet ahead!

precious.jpg enlighten image by flsoceanangel