What is it that is still missing in my life right now? Why is there such a sense of incompleteness? Why such a feeling of unfulfillment? These are concerns I inquire of my Father (God) as well as questions I ask myself.

Nevertheless, I have come to realize that occasionally just having the answers we sought after for different situation and circumstances is not sufficient, though it seems to be enough at the time. Later we desire more. We need to know reasons. Why? What can be done for effects to be different? How do we go about achieving it for things to be turned around to work out in our favor?

My heart’s desire is for the WILL of God to be done in my life and in the life of my family & friends, for God’s manifested presence to be very evident in our lives, for each and every one of us to fulfill God’s desire that He has for us, for us to be completely who He called and chose us to be, doing the things He destined us to do & going the places He have us to go, being stationed where we are needed for any given time and walking in the fullness of His glory, in His image, with His heart & mind, in TOTAL selflessness, humility & obedience! I desire His perfect timing in all things.

It does not matter to me what it will take for us to achieve this because my desire is greater than anything I will have to sacrifice to obtain this.

Lord, if there was ever a time that we needed you, we sure do need you NOW! This world has became and continues to become just as you have told us in YOUR WORD.Your silence is like a slow death to me. A quietness that is so loud. For YOUR spoken words is the life of me. It is the very air that I breathe. Without it I feel like I’m suffocating and the life of me is drawing near. Your very presence sustains me. It gives me peace and security. Life to me isn’t worth living without these three most valuable things, hearing YOUR words, experiencing your presence and feeling YOUR touch. Lord my heart aches for YOU!  


I understand the times and reasons of God silence and I’ve learned well from each time it has happened. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make any time that it happens easier to endure. I am use to hearing my Father’s (God) voice and I know it very well but I will never get use to not hearing it. At which times I’m like a hungry baby waiting its next feeding. Any amount of time is too long!

PRAYING.gif blue lady image by autumnstar333