Today on September 25 2008 is my baby Amaziah’s 6th BirthdayParty! This blog is dedicated to her. Amaziah’s dad is on his way to her school right now to surprise her with a birthday song with his acoustic guitar that was set up on yesterday with her teacher. Wink

party_time.gif image by Ginger14blue Gift with a bow   Birthday cake happy-birthday-music-ag1.gif Happy Birthday picture by Happy Birthday

We all united this morning to sing happy birthday to her before she went off to school and she was ALL smiles. Open-mouthedAnother year that God has graced Amaziah to see and we’re grateful & happy about it!

Amaziah is a VERY strong willed young lady. We call her a young lady because she is so grown up in her ways and attitude about different things. Amaziah is VERY compassionate and she have a heart for animals, especially cats & dogs, which is probably why she doesn’t really like to eat meats. Amaziah’s favorite food is peanut butter & jelly or what she likes to call PB& J. If she could she would have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack timeSmile

Amaziah is also quite the singer, dancer & artist Smile, which are are also her favorites to do and she does VERY well for her age. Amaziah is very outdoorsy! She REALLY enjoys the outside and all it has to offer, from the trees to every living creatures.

Amaziah is not afraid to tell you what’s on her mind or how she feels about things. Amaziah is VERY outspoken and she likes to ask many questions.

Her favorite animations RIGHT NOW are princesses.

We loveRed heart you Amaziah!

princesses.gif princesses image by tintincarrera