Kingdom- Minded OR Self- Minded

For: Kingdom Leadership (A word given to me from Holy Spirit)


In ministry, we can not have a personal attachment to God’s people. They come for help, guidance, healing and deliverance. We can not make the people our own for they do not belong to us. For it is not about us that we would draw the people to ourselves but to God. For they are His children and they belong to God.


We are ONLY to go a distance with the people until they receive from God what is needed or is put in place for them to receive what God intended for them.


Therefore we MUST release them when God tells us to or they feel God is telling them to move out at the designated times.


Some of the people that God place in our path may not even know or remember our name or think on what were even gained in the ministries God gave to us but it isn’t of importance that they do.


Again, we MUST release God’s children and let them go at the God appointed times and not try to hold them to ourselves or the ministries that God gave us because we are not even owners of ourselves but have been bought with a price.


God the Father is the one who gave us His ONLY begotten son that we may have a chance to eternal life.


God is the author and finisher of our faith.


We can not do for God’s people what He can do for them because ALL power isn’t in our hands but God has ALL power in His. We need not forget that or cause followers to forget that. We can not do any more for His people than what He allows us to being led by His Spirit.


We MUST KEEP God’s children eyes lifted up to Him from whom their help comes from, NOT us.


No matter how much we put OUR blessings on the people, God is the provider of every good gift and it MUST be given by His hands and not ours that they look to us in gratitude. It is God’s approval that the people need as well as we ourselves because it is ONLY God’s approval that is truly beneficial.


For followers to have or put us in the position of God is first off sin and in turn it cripples the people and causes them to go astray and fall into sin and eventually spiritually die and as for the leader who allows it, a greater price will they be charged and it is written: It is better for us to have a millstone around our neck and be thrown into the sea.  


For we have gotten off track, walked in deception, pride, greed, lust and witchcraft. We have taken glory for ourselves instead of giving it ALL to one in which in belongs (God)! Instead of being Kingdom- Minded, we have become Self- Minded, building a kingdom for ourselves instead of advancing God’s kingdom which is suppose to be our ultimate goal.


God is indeed calling us all over to repentance, for it is God whom we have sinned against and turned our back on.


If we TRULY aim to please God, we MUST come to this place of repentance.


Ask God to open your eyes that you may clearly see the place of sin that you have operated from or/and in. It is ONLY when your heart TRULY desire to see the sin and desire to turn away from it that it will be revealed to you.


It is solely up to us to do what we will with this information.


These things were revealed to me in a night vision or what most call “dreams” but I have no doubt that this is indeed what God is saying in these times to leaders of all ministry in which this applies.


My friend Curtis who goes by the title “the enlitener” has views on things such as this as well in his many blogs. He has indeed confirmed MANY things for me. ONLY giving glory to God!