There was a little boy that was stricken with a massive stroke at 12 moths old, leaving his entire right side paralyzed. As the boy grew older, no one quite understood his ways or his behavior. He wasn’t a bad little boy, some of his actions was just questionable, he was really hyper and often times he had quite a temper but more than that, he was mistaken and misunderstood but a very loving boy.

Those that didn’t know his situation couldn’t understand why he did certain things that he did or knew why he behaved in a certain matter or why at times he was so angry. Often times his siblings was frustrated with him, some children didn’t want to play with him because he walked funny and his arm was withered and his teachers weren’t caring or sensitive enough and found themselves irritated with him. His parents have prayed and continue to praise and thank God for his healing & deliverance. Many times in dreams and visions God has confirmed to his mother that supernatural healing will come. God has even confirmed this healing to others. The boy’s parents have no doubt that God will perform that miracle which He has shown them but only in God’s set time.

However, as it may seem, this story isn’t totally about the little boy. This story is about our God who will use anyone, at anytime He wants to provide us with what we need and He will do so right in the face of the enemy, unbelievers, mockers and haters. Just because God is God! He can perform a chain reaction of blessings, healings and deliverances all at once if that’s what He desires to do.

Now the story begins 😉

There was a little boy that stood in need of physical healing & deliverance and a mother that stood in need of a spiritual heart transplant also bringing healing & deliverance.

The boy and the mother waited together, side by side in a waiting room of what resembled to be the inside of a school building but the mother and son was unsure of exactly what they were waiting for. In front of them was a line of children that was some distance away. The mother saw a lady removing a little boy from the line and the lady & the boy began walking toward them. The little boy appeared to be somewhat frightened has the lady guided him forward. When the boy arrived to the mother and her son, the son stood up in front of the boy and the boy reached out and touched the boys withered hand. The mother’s son was a little afraid at first because he didn’t understand what was happening but boy could feel that he was a little frightened. The boy then looked into his eyes and calmness came over the mother’s son. The boy held the mother’s son hand until his arm & hand was completely normal and matched the other side. The mother was overwhelmed by this and she began to sob & weep out of gladness but after a minute she said to herself as the boy was walking off, “But he didn’t touch his leg & foot, they also needs healing!” As if the boy could hear the mother’s thoughts he instantly looked back seeing the mother reaching down to lift up her son’s leg. Right before her eyes and in her very own hands, her son leg and feet began to transform into normal form and just like the other leg. The mother then called out to the boy to come back. When the young boy got there, the mother was already on her knees with tears rolling down her face. She said to the boy softly but desperately, “Heal my heart too.” Immediately the boy put his hand on the mother’s heart and though she could not see or feel anything at the time, she just knew that her heart was healed and that she was freed & delivered from all of her heart issues and pains. When she came up from on her knees she could then feel the change. The mother was again so overtaken with joy and gladness; all she could do was cry. She was awe struck! Instantaneously when the mother’s heart was transformed, God had given her a gift and a mission. She was gifted with the gift of healing and signs, wonders & miracles to follow. Now that the mother’s heart was filled with only righteous notions and endeavors, her heart was also filled to capacity with mercy & compassion. She was compelled to heal everyone that God lead her to, that was her mission BUT not without the burden of the hardships of people all around her. The mother now saw all that was seen through the eyes of God and she wept with sorrow and compassion for people all over the world, close and far off.


This story is made up of three parts, the first part is the beginning of my life (part of it) which is true now and the boy from the very beginning is my 10 year son and everything you read about him is true.

The second part is where I said, “Now the story begins.” This begins a dream that I had this morning that awaken me out of my sleep. However, it’s not just a dream. It’s also a part of my life. It tells a very huge part of my deepest desire for our son and me.

The third part confirms to me that supernatural healing & deliverance will happen, weather in exact detail of what I’ve seen or not I’m not sure. This also confirms some gifts that I know that God has given to me but await my spiritual maturity to walk in the fullness of these gifts and in God’s timing. I know these things are not afar off as I continue to live an obedient, surrendered and humbled life in servant-hood unto my God.

No, I have not arrived but this is the mark that I press towards daily!


TO EVERYTHING there is a season, and a time for every matter & purpose under heaven!


mirroredtrees.jpg To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under Heaven image by silkscribe